10​ ​ Free​ ​ Blogging​ ​ Tools​ ​of 2020 (LINKS)

● Evernote:​ ​ https://evernote.com

Have You Ever Heard of Evernote Answer in the Comment and Answer Why You use it?

Now We use it here as A Blogger You need to Keep track of your Day to Day Task like what are you writing today? What you are Researching?

What are the KeyPoint need to add? What is the Best Heading maybe? Which KeyWords to Choose.

And lot Such things are Going on in the Life of Blogger and To keep Track of this Thing Evernote Help Us.

● Pocket:​ ​ https://getpocket.com

See All this You have learned from the different need to Somewhere to get access to it any moment if you need and the best thing available to keep all the video, links and all stuff at one point, is THE POCKET Site.

“Save content from everywhere”

Pocket itself Says…

All Youtube Video You watched all the Article you refer and all the Image you see on PixaBay, UnSplash, ShutterStock which May Not help you Now But help you in your Next or Next of the Next Post.

All that Help You in Future may be saved to easy access, without Crawling the Internet again.

● Blog​ ​ Idea​ ​ Generator:https://www.hubspot.com/blog-topic-generator

Many Times it Sucks and Also Stuck while Searching for the Idea and the Heading on what to Blog… It is the Most Vexing thing in the Life of a Blogger and Correct me if, I am wrong, We need to do this on a daily basis? So From where to Generator Idea, Heading to Write a Blog?

When this Question arise to You, Use HubSpot Blog Generator and Get the Work Done With Ease and.

It not like it help you every time but give you a Broad Idea About the content and on what to Write what to Mention and what may be avoided while writing.

● Coschedule​ ​ Headline​ ​ Analyzer:

You are Blogger and Also a Well Litrate Human Being Right? So from the Name itself, you can understand the Uses and What Maybe the Potential Advantage of this Amazing Tool…

It’s a Quite Simple Still Very effective for all but Especially for Newly Blogging People… Makes you a Great Heading Line Write.

And it Also teaches How to Right Headline, Showing your Mistake, So that you can learn from them also Site has various Blog Article Dedicated to this Topic.

How to Write? What to Include? How Emotional Conveying Work? Make it More like a ClickBet Headline without Losing actual Meaning..All


What Makes Emotional Headlines So Powerful? How To Master Your Headline Word Balance Learn More About Headline Types 

● Unsplash:​ ​ https://unsplash.com

Image is a Part of Post As You all know But you cant Use Any Image as many Images have their Copyright Own by some or other Person and To Solve this Problem for you, there is a Site Called UnSplash.

UnSplash is Site where you get all the StockFree Image which You can USe Without Any Worry… All this image are under Creative Copyright so Use it and If Possible Give the Owner its Credit.

● Canva:​ ​ https://www.canva.com

Before 2013-14 90% of People and Now Mostly all have that Image Judging Mind, If your Image or whatever Art you added to Site s GReat then and Only then they Like to Read. (Great for NewBies)

This Technique use by all Famegain Blogger, To Grab the Audience Attention and to Engage them with the Content and all this Image Editing

And Creating Cover Image is Done in Canvas Now, it is a Free Tool and having a Lot of Features with Easy to Handle and Manage User-Friendly Layout and,

It is so simple that a 4 yr Boy can Use it and it a WebTool So No Need to Install Or Waste your PC Space

● Grammarly:​ ​ https://grammarly.com

Being Blogger it does not Tolerate by your Audience that you make a Simple Grammatical Mistake and Do Silly Spelling Mistake, And Believe me or Not Everyone Do Mistake or You say Misspell/ Mistype

I Myself Made more than 100 Grammar and Spelling mistakes in this Post.

● Hemingway:​ ​ https://www.hemingwayapp.com

It is a Online Text Editor with Some Amazing Extra Ordinary Feature that Help you get all the post Correct.

The site Analyse various things like Number of Letters, Number of Characters, Number of Words, Number of Sentences, Number of Paragraphs

Also Show your Mistake and make you correct them and all this is done by highlighting the Content with different-different color

There are Option and Analysis Like
Adverbs meeting the goal of 16 or fewer.
Passivevoice 4 of 33 uses of passive voice, meeting the goal of 11 or fewer.
Complex Word 5 of36 phrases have simpler alternatives.
Hard readability 12 of 55 sentences are hard to read.
Very Hard Readability 42 of 55 sentences are very hard to read

● Medium:​ ​ https://medium.com

It a Blogging Platform with Already Lot of UserBase, You need not need to Do the Hardest Thing, that to bring Audience to your Site.

If you have a Great, ike you have the ability to write a way in which you can Engage the Reader then You can Grow you Blog in Exponential Way bring Traffic to Your Blog from Medium.com,

You can Divert the Medium User to Your Blog and can Get the Huge Traffic

● Google​ ​ Alerts:​ ​ https://www.google.com/alerts

What to Blog and Why to Blog (on these topics) and How to Engage the User and is the Biggest and Far Most Enigmatic Question to all of the Blogger Right there….

And Hw to Keep Track of your Competitor is also the Unsolved Mystery, needed to Solve this Days, But we can

Bottom Line…

The Tool Mention Above is to make you blogger, More Productive, More dedicated, More Hard Working rather Smart Working then you are now…

All the Above List is Checked by Lot of Blogger and Especially by Our Team and We Actually use this Tool in our Day to Day life from last 3 Month, without using any other tool in the combine. And the Result is phenomenally Great,

Though We do not Frequently Post on this Site, As we a Content Distribution team Work as a Freelancer for Other Companies and Blogger,

But But But the Tools are Great, Adding this in Our Lengthy Daily life the Tool never fails to do its Job and its Keep Us Productive.

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