About Us

Team of People who want to make an Everyone Happy in this Changing Tech World

I am not saying that Blogging Shodkk – Finding Blogger is Great or event Good but…

Take a Look at it we are continuously Putting our Effort to bring the Quality Content to You and To Add the Value in our Life.

We also started many other Blogging Project under the Shodkk Domain.

Shodkk= Finder or Researcher, And to sustain ourselves in this changing Tech World. We need to adopt the Change and To do that…..

We think Internet the Way, to make our voice louder…So We are Working Constantly Working on the Following things

You can Also Help us Join Shodkk and Be a Shodkk..Share your Life Experience and Knowledge with every Shodkk.

  • Life.shodkk – In search of Better Life Peace, Happiness
  • Edu.Shodkk – Educate Ourselves
  • Money.Shodkk – Finding Money in everything, doing right Things
  • Blogging.Shodkk – Finding Blogger’s

Life Shodkk:

Here We want to make a Place to The More Social Animal than we are. We lost the thing which makes us Human. Making Friends, talking to each other Sharing thoughts, Giving the Pep Talks and all is what we do.

But Now in the Tech world, these things are lost. all the Above things only happen on Social Media, the talk doesn’t have a true intend right?

So we at Life.Shodkk Try to Bring these things back, In the Hectic life Happiness in life, Peace of Mind, Our Culture is Lost.

This is our Try to get the this in your Life. Help us share Your related word


Here at Edu.shodkk, We try to make the World better place like our other Blog. We believe in Knowledge and so we thought the Change we want can be made by giving knowledge.

We can Only Sustain in this Changing Tech World by gaining the Knowledge keeping our Mind Update with the World. Right?

Here Basic Education, Engineering Stuff, Medical Stuff, Udemy Free Course and all Education related stuff.

So this Edu.Shodkk is our try to bring the Education “the Important Education” to you. Help us share Your related word. We are happy to pay back the value, to you.


At Money.Shodkk wants to share Different ways to make money in every possible situation. But we also we have some ethics to follow to live a better life. So the Money we want to make and to share the ways is all the Right Way.

Here We Share Investment, Insurance, Shock, Affiliate Marketing, App that make you earn money. All Stuff like this.

We know the Money is not everything, but money can bring or buy in the

Help us share Your related word. We are happy to pay back the value, to you.


Blogging is what the Most of the youth nowadays trying their luck. To Get the Money in their Pocket, and we appreciate that. So in this Task, we want to help them. Help them in making their Blog. We learn Blogging the Hard Way but we don’t want the other to learn the same.

Here WordPress Guide, Adsense Guide, How to Start Blog?

And that’s the Reason We started Blogging.Shodkk. Help us share Your related word. We are happy to pay back the value, to you.

So Please Visit the Site once and Get the Thing Right as they are Right. Right?