Backlinks Building advice for bloggers?

If the Question is asked by the blogger who has a lot of Content, then I don’t have to answer this Question. As if the Blogger has content he doesn’t wait for building a backlinks. For generating Backlinks. As he/she gets the time he starts promoting the Content.

But let consider the Situation and I answer the question

Answer: You have lot of Content now right just Stop writing any post further now just focus on building Links Only. To get Your Blog in Light.

And to Create Backlinks you can Use following sites. Step by Step Guide to Create Backlink.


Quora itself is a Great Platform to share your site and Create a Free Do follow Backlink.


Medium is also Great. Share your Story. People see it.


Reddit Create your Post ad Get Upvote.

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Share Your content Directly to group or on any page.

Guest Post

Write some post for Someone’s Site and get Link.


Create Infographic and share it.

Blog Directories

Submit you blog to High Domain Authority.

Article Marketing

Request Article Marketing Site to Publish your Post.

2.0 Post

This is also a great way to Building Links to your Site.

Video Marketing

Create a Video and show your site article of link and share link below it.

How to do this? what Step to Follow and What to do and what to not. All Step by step Guide is at

Detail of all this is Given on our Article Click Here

Happy Blogging

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