How do I place AdChoices ads in websites or blogs?

If, You have to have a Blog and have a Good Content on your Blog, i.e you must have 10–20 post with at least 700 words each. And if you have Follow all the Adsense Policy properly.

Make all Necessary Page available on Main Page.

i.e. Privacy Policy, About Us, Cookies Policy, Contact Us, DMCA Policy then you can apply.

Adchoice is a one of the Google Ads like Google Ads shown on Sites,

it is called Adchoice as these ads use cookies and Show the Choice ads the Ads user want to see from the User history google have, from all site he/she visit. And So Google Know what User want to buy, So Adchoice show related to the Product he want to buy.

To Place Adchoice ads on Your Site you have to apply for Adsense.

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