How much an Indian blogger earn each month? How much time did it take for them to make living out of it?

Ok let me tell you, this is not just any question on Quora; This is the biggest Question every Indian right now have. Blogging, How to start a Blog? and how much can I earn from blogging? is I think the most search keyword on the internet.

After Jio data revolution People, come to know the Power of the internet, what internet is capable of. And as in India, where the maximum population is Youth. And they all have an internet connection and trying to make money.

What they Google on phone is How to make money Online?

And Google answer’s Blogging…Right? And all this Question are obvious, Coming straight to the Point

How much an Indian blogger earn each month?

Answer:- Indian” Firstly there is no difference in Indian Blogger and other Country Blogger. You can Earn Same Money, sitting anywhere in the world from Blogging.

Yes, this is the Power of the internet, and SEO You can target the Country you want. Thought, There is something that matters the but you can target the country you want.

So There is no such thing like Indian Blogger earn less or more than other Blogger. But Yes Country matter when it comes to you ranks your blog.

Consider like this, If the Traffic(people) Come from India the Ads Shown on your Blog have less CPC, i.e you earn less from 1 ad. But if visitors come from USA, UK, Germany, United Arab; then your Earning will be More from a single ad.

Reason: USA peoples are more likely to click on ads and more likely to buy that, ads product or service than India. And this Benefits the Company and So You.

So See Country matters, in this way… And Good thing is that you can Bring USA People to your Blog sitting in India.

This is when you are using Google Adsense, Or any Ad Network to shown Ads on Your Blog.

But to get more, to earn more,to make living from your Blog; You have to Find and Use Different Ways to Earn from Blog like…

Affiliate Marketing, Selling ebooks, Sponsorship, Selling Product(Amazon). Advertise on your Own also proves profitable (direct from the company, without a third party, Google); Promoting other Blog for Dollar’s… and more. When you start a Blog you yourself discover different money making ideas.

How much time it took for them to make living out of it?

Answer:- How much time, this depends on you and your Niche Selection, on which product or Topic you have started writing a Blog. This effects more than anything.

If all goes well, Your Blog gets hits, If you writing skill is Good, you follow all the Guideline, Get Adsense Approval (as this is first priority) then you start earning with a Month or Two.

Making Living Out Of Blogging?

Yes, it can be done, as many of the Blogger, and for more specific to your question India Blogger earning, making living from Blogging. like

  1., Amit Agarwal
  2. Your Story, Shardha Sharma
  3. ShoutMeLoud, Harsh Agrawal
  4. CashOverflow, Pardeep Goyal
  5., Prabhudesai and the list is long, who are making living… Check it Here.

But The thing you should keep in mind, this is the Pro Blogger, You will be one of them no doubt but this is not happening in one day, or one month, or in one year.

What You can Do, to make living from Blogging?

People are doing this from a Decades, all these blogs mention above are a decade old, and with time this also takes effort, which done in the right way.

Keep learning continuously and apply everything that you learn, All in this Field is done in trial and error basis. But the expert is trying so no doubt that works. So you have to try your own method and trick to get a better outcome.

Free Udemy Course Coupon Learn from Expert

A/B testing is always Going on, Analyzing and adopting the Change that making positive change is always needed.


But now there is Android in everyone’s hand Worldwide the Condition has changed, Tech going further. World is getting shrink in a small ball because of growing Internet.

So the Good News is that; the Time required for you to get this far, to call yourself a “Pro Blogger” can also be shortened. You don’t need decades but truly need more than a year, to making living. And you can achieve what you want, by persistence.


You can Earn Money, making living is not that easy, so don’t resign the Job or anything like that. Start Blogging as a Part-time and give time to it, without giving up on everything else.

After a While when you get sure, when you start earning more i.e. then you can fully depend on it. but if you think, you start Blogging and make money in a month then it is not possible.


Answer’s to both of your Question, how much I can earn from blogging is living possible? is Yes, Indian Blogger is making money.

And asking for a Month then;

It depends on traffic, if you are thinking like a 10-5 job then this is wrong. Earning is not fixed but the average is around $75 Or 5000 Rs a month.

This is for a starting blogger who has a blog index on Google and Adsense Approved.

Pro Blogger’s are making more. And much more money that they are making living out of it. They are making enough money that they can buy Ferarri from blogging Money.

But for you to do the same, needs patience, Persistence, Learning and adopting Skill, Writing skill, SEO Skill On page off Page, Promoting (Sealsmen Skill).

Once all this is Done in the right way; you find yourself chilling on the beach in LA and your Blog is Generating Money for You… A Tons of Money.

Happy Blogging

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