How to write a Great Post Article in Just 10 min

You are a New Blogger right? Correct me if I am wrong!! which you could not, I was also like you, I also used to search like this at the Beginning of my Blogging Carrer. Why Ten minute it can be written even in a minute, but only in fiction.

How did it come to your mind that you can write a post in ten minutes which will become Famous.

Three things are important for writing an article.

#1 First, do some Keyword Research related on the topic which usually takes – 10-30 minute.

#2 Second, all the Idea connected with that article – 30-2 hours.

#3 Fitting the keyword right inside the article – 4-5 hours

But this [writing post article in 10 min] also came to my mind too. but this does nothing in only increase THE CONTENT on the Site to see, but people really don’t see it.

Today I have 50+ articles on my blog but more than half is just a content present there.

See Nobody is interested in reading. Everyone is writing nowadays after the Jio Data Revolution. But the Quality of Content matter most and that’s the Only thing that can Separates you form 80% of Blogger who are just writing or copying Content.

This is the reason why instead of writing a Number’s of post every day, I just write 1 posts a day or in two.

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And update the old time in the odd time. If you do these things, without just writing the Content then you can definitely succeed.

Then People may recognize you as a Pro Blogger like many Other.

Because as I say Writing Content is not what People or your Audience want.

Then Want a Quality Content that satisfies them, not the Hundreds and Thousand of Words and Words.

Give them what they want…

“As Audience are happy So You will be”


At last, I want to say that You can’t write a Great Article Post in 10 min but. But you can Write it in 3-4 hr in Starting and Then as the Timepass you get used to, to the Tech and Searching the Related keyword, doing ProofReading then great Article can be written in 2 hr also, in 1 hr also.

But writing and writing to fill the Site with content not make your Site, successful. It is the Quality that does, So at the starting of the Blogging career don’t just write, to make the Site full of content, proofread it, review it, rewrite it from.

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Do proper Keyword Research, Add that Keyword to your Blog, See your Competitor, Learn from them.

Learn something New related that help you in this like typing, Vocabulary, Thinking Creative, Read Other Blog.

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