I Am Not Getting Google Adsense Approval for Gaming Site?

I saw Different site where Adsense is Approved, though they don’t have content Our Client Approves a Site where is only an Embed Youtube Video, And the Same thing like a Gaming site is There With Ads Approved. WHere there is Video rather than Banner.

This is possible due to the change in Policy made by Google. You can Do it Now Just Go in the Menu and Search for other Product and Chose the right Product for You. There is 3-4 Option.

What I suggest? At Last

I think All this Helps, But though I suggest a Simple Hack that Writes Some content related to Gaming so the Site gets in Mainstream, Also Rank Higher, People Come to know about so help in Marketing and Growing Visitors and then For Content, there is Adsense Approval. So till then Write Some Post and Simultaneously Run the Gaming Part What do you think?

2 thoughts on “I Am Not Getting Google Adsense Approval for Gaming Site?

  1. Above is the Answer for
    Question: Hi, I’ve been using AdSense for 5 years or so, with my personal blog. However, now I’m building a game portal wich the main content are games, no text based (Games comply with AdSense ToS).

    I can’t get the site approved and I don’t know if there’s something special to do when your main content is not text-based, like video-based, audio-based or game-based like in this case. The games itself have ads from the developers so I cannot apply for AdSense for Games, I’m just trying to apply for banners.

  2. Do you want the best options available against Scraping is the original Content and the Right Words that are
    Unique Right? Damm Right So the Thing you Explain is True And for the Gaming Site also You Explain well, I seen Some Gaming Website that show Ads though

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