My Google AdSense application was rejected for content scraping, but all my content is my own. What can I do?

Google Reject your Content if they found it is copied and all this is done by Google Crawl Bot.

Who use to crawl the internet for Post, Article, and Index them in the Google Search Engine Page.

So Google Bot is the first person or whatever you say who visits your site first, Scan It and Approve it to index.

Google Bot knows all, Article Published online and it compares your Post with other.

All this is done by machine learning and with the help of Data Science.

All the Post when we request to Search Console to index, here we actually request Google Bot to Scan my post. once it completes its index, Rank Our Post.

But many times it proves wrong, as it is a bot and works on the algorithm so, as the Algo says it works.

And in your case, it your Post Content Similar Words As many Site have like,

  • Top 10
  • top 20 Place, Best 5, Best Movies

And the wording and Order of the Place or anything that is compared is Same then

Algorithm Marked it as Found it Copied, As last it is a Bot so

And As you are, And we want you to learn so we have to tell you that every webmaster who crawl the site use bot like Google Bot, Bing Crawl Bot, Yahoo also used to have. Now Bing bot scan for both as yahoo is own by Microsoft.

Most Pro Blogger Re-writing but in a proper way without using the same word or a phrase, as the other blogger use from which you re-write it.

And now don’t Lose the Hope Blogging is Great and You can Also Do this.

What you have to Do Now?

  • Scan You site for Plagiarism.
  • Delete most stuff, or write it again.
  • Add 4–5 Post More in your Blog.
  • Get All parameter needed to Approval write

Apply for Approval Again.

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