How to Redirect http to https [All Methods]

Are You a New Blogger? Want to rank higher in Google Search? So you have to follow Some Guide Line. After learning all (as much as I can) Google Policy and Google Panda Algo, there are some must thing rank like redirect http to https is very important.

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You know that Google is like A God for all Blogger. Google Search Engine is the most precious thing, where every blogger wants to rank their site. And so for doing this, your site must follow all Google Policy Term.

redirect http to https to rank higher

All the Things You Should do, to Redirect http to https are given below, follow all methods and Google will be Happy.

Note: For Doing http to https i.e Secure you Need SSL Certificate and You can Easily get it. We are using a Free SSL Certificate. 

Step 1 Force HTTPS redirect from Core

You are new to this field, I also new a few years back. And by my experience, You have now recently bought a Domain and may Buy a Free Hosting to try Blogging or A Paid Hosting Plan.

But you don’t know Much About Cpanel, we also have a Post on Cpanel check it. But now to get https after buying SSL Certificate. Even you don’t know, Follow the Guide

  1. Open you Hosting Site, where the site data is store.
  2. See Cpanel, Open It, Click on it.
  3. Here you see a lot of stuff don’t get panic.
  4. Press Ctrl+f and Search for File Manager.
  5. Open it.
  6. See Public HTML Or if you could not find it then, you already in it. It called as a root folder
  7. Now Search for the .htaccess file. (If not showing there)
  8. Go to setting and enable show Hidden File.
  9. Now right Click and Click on Edit it.
  10. After Opening simply Go at the Bottom of the Code
  11. And Paste the Code Given Below.
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

This force Whole site from Core to load in https. Establishing a Secure Connection. This also takes place other than the WordPress. If you upload an HTML file on your site then also it loads in HTTPS.

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Step 2 WordPress Setting

After that to get more secure and setting redirection all over you have to https to WordPress Setting Also.

If this is not done, sometimes the data may load in https.

Reason: In core you have given

 Site =https right?

Now it Loading information is https but again when the wordpress site loads the Setting again changed. then again

 Site= http

and So Site load in http. whoch is bad form Google perspective.So follow

  1. Open WP Dashboard.
  2. Scroll Down and See Setting Option in Left Menu
  3. From Setting Open >> General Setting.
  4. Here You see Site Title, Site Tagline,
  • In this Add a Simple “s” after the http means now >> and Save the Changes.
WordPress Address (URL)
Site Address (URL)

Now the Site is under Secure Socket Layer. But After this also site is loading under http not secure, you are at and you are a Shodkk, shodkk have to know the reason.

Reason: This also some point or some code is again overlapping on the Condition we set. 

Add Plugin

Way Installing Plugin is the Only until you not get rid of the Problem. The plugins are made by Experts and they are working on their product from years and so the plugin so the best task, no doubt.

Install Really Simple SSL which have 1+ million downloads, Or there are many other like SSL Insecure Content Fixer, WP Force SSL, WP SSL Redirect, One Click SSL. Install anyone of the Above.

Choice one which have less size and more Good reviews

But plugin takes space and Also takes Memory on host PC to Load. Simply it, Slows down the Site, and so the Performance. So I avoid that task and I recommend you also to do the Same.

But Their are some plugin which we can’t uninstall. There are Some Must Have Plugins for all Blogger. We have to Comprimise on Spedd or this plugin can themselves speed up our site so no loss.

And Some task never Get done By Script or Html Code it required Plugin.

Why SSL?

As we discussed earlier SSL means Secure Socket Layer. It helps us to establish a Secure connection between the Server and the Host.

Here we also given Some free SSL Site to get SSL Certificate. And also Given the Details.

It help to both the Site owner from keeping the data Secure and it make site not Get Hacked by hacker.

User also benifited as the Data is Encrypted so No Middle Man attack can be happen. No risk to the User.

Advantage/ Benefit

  • Data is Safe, with an Extra Encryption Layer over it.
  • Chance Of getting Hacked is less.
  • Rank Higher in Google Search, as Google Prefered SSL as the main parameter to IndeX Site.
  • Rank Higher In Overall Alexa Ranking (My Experience). Site With SSL rank higher than the Site with https connection. Even with Lower traffic.

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reference: WPBeginner, Shoutmeloud

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  1. Going to SSL is a must as Google has declared HTTPS as one of the search ranking factors. This is a useful guide. I generally recommend people to go with a hosting company who offer free SSL certificate. E.g. Bluehost is a good option in this case.

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