Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Fix

We at Adsense Guide try to help others in getting Adsense Approves with the True ways without any wrong thing or doing any fraud.

Only ways to get the Adsense Approved is by doing the right thing in the right ways. Writing Original Content is a Key, you may take a look at other’s blog, but at last you should write you own.

If You site is getting the “Problem of Scrapped” You are not doing the Right Thing.

This Means you are coping another Blog Content Which I also did first, But As My experience, the Adsense not approves such Content Blog.

Scrapping: Scrapping means copying, if you Copied someone’s blog and Re-wrote it again then it called as Scrapped Content. You may rewrite the post as many blogger says but The Art of re-writing content in a right way is must.

Google is everywhere in your life, as you are on the internet they are tracing you. And by poring AL in their every App and Appling Machine Learning and Data Science. Google is Becomes, The God of this Virtual World.

And Adsense is Ads Network of Google’s So they Know you better than you So if you copied, i.e scrapped someone else Content, Google knows it with the Help of the Machine learning tool.

If you blog Content Any word like

Top 10—– Top 20—– Top 100 Or any usual word which used in most of the Site on Internet then the Google, Exact same word post with same Title Algo Recognise it and Marked as Scrapped Content.

And all is done by Google Bot who is made to crawl the net and scan the Internet. This bot is also used by Google to index your Site on Google Search Engine. After Scanning your Article Bot index Rank your Article on Google.


So If your blog is marked as a Scraping Content then, the best thing you can do is

  • Check your article for plagiarism. if you don’t know which article is plagiarism or Scraped.
  • Don’t Write the post from another blog, having the Exact same word.
  • Delete most plagiarism Post, Or Edit until it gets in 100% original.
  • Write some more post and Re-Apply for Adsense.

But Before check other Essential thing your blog needs to Get Adsense Approved.

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7 thoughts on “Valuable Inventory Scraped Content Fix

  1. Thanks sir get to learn and I also try to do what u suggest.

    Great post…. I love your writing style… Keep writing
    But try to explain more. And in the more discriptive way possible but it ok ….

    “Happy Blogging” to you too

  2. Good article
    Scrapping is bad, and very shamful
    But can a newbie do rather than this because he have to write and this need to copy
    But there are issue in scrapping, this we don’t know in beginning
    When we apply for AdSense we come to know about scrapping and that very sad of us….
    Anyway this is the Best article and thanks for explaining well…keep it up sir

  3. How can I find out which content is scraped on my site? I checked plagiarism but everything seems to be fine. Please can you suggest a solution?

    1. Raibin, If it Original Content and Google is Reporting as Scrapped then it is your Content which has similar words, or phrases like top 10 or something like this then the Google scan as Scrapped as Google Bot is the One who is Scrolling, Crawling the Content so it Reports as Scrapped.

      Solution: Mark this Content with the similar words which is all over the Net, Unpublished all this and then Write Some New Content, which is 100% Original and Unique and which is not Contain any similar Word.
      And Apply Again For Adsense, Vhoola Now Google Will Approved it

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