Who is the Author of this Blog? Whois LookUp Get all detail

Want to know who owns any particular domain? Who is the Owner of this Site?

Lots of time there is a question arise in our mind after visiting any blog or websites, regarding it owner and other related stuff. Many sites can easily show their owner’s information. And also show the information regarding it time origin i.e.(Date and time). When sometimes it is not shown anywhere on the site. But if you want to know the owner.

How to get All Basic Information of a Blogger or Domain owner?

This all terms and the trick I will doing is legal and all are done considering and keeping all cyber guideline under consideration. Anyone can check and have a right to know this information about any site which presents online and public to all visitors around the world.

On Linux/ Windows

If you are among us, the member of the programmer’s family You must be using Linux as your main Operating System. For many Linux proves the best option. Linux has a different variant according to the need. For security checkup, there is Kali Linux and Parrot. For Programmer, there is Ubuntu the most widely used operating by the developer and corporate as it is the Open source and free to use.

The terminal is the main thing you need to know and have

How to Know whole biodata of any website using Linux?

1]  Open Terminal window.

2]   For different Operating the commands for opening the terminal is different

For Ubuntu: Press Ctrl+Shift+T OR just go on Dash and type “terminal” and hit enter.

For Parrot: Simply Press Ctrl+t

For Kali Linux: Press Ctrl+Alt+t

3]   To know the information of any particular domain, one must need to have whois installed in their terminal.

  Install “whois” in Linux:

1] Type “sudo apt-get install whois” and hit enter.

2] Now the installation begins.

3] Wait for few minutes.

4]   After installation, again open the terminal.

5]  Type “whois”. After then type the URL of a website you want to know about.

6]  As you heat to enter button, the big description open showing whole biodata of site.

7] This trick can be used on Windows and Linux both but the basic requirement is terminal and “whois”

Using Chrome Browser Extension

Chrome get popular, just after its launch and now after years the number of people using chrome increase exponentially. As this happens many developers find this as a great opportunity to start their earning from this. They start to develops App and extension for chrome and the reverse effect of this chrome also get more popular then it is.

Extension proves as a very good source for the developer and the lightest source for us to the PC users who want to get the information at the fingertip there are many extension present to Know All information of Any Domain.

The extension named like

Note: You can Direct Download any on the following Extension by direct click on their name rather searching for it.


Who.is Lookup

offered by Miguel Batres

Size: 10.65KiB

Domain data at your fingertips. Provided by Name.com. Coded by @StayUber.


Bulk Seo Tools

offered by www.bulkseotools.com

Size: 126KiB


Whois One-Click WHOIS search

offered by https://www.whois.com.au

Size: 6.86KiB

WebRank Whois Lookup

offered by whois.webrankstats.com

Size: 23.88KiB

Whois Lookup

offered by abhijeet-muneshwar.github.io

 Size: 38.26KiB


offered by www.whoismind.com

Size: 316KiB

Web Adviser/Whois Lookup

offered by myip.ms

Size: 386KiB

IP Whois & Flags Chrome & Websites Rating

offered by myip.ms

 Size: 365KiB

TO Know the IP Address of any Website

Using Linux/ Windows: 1] Open Terminal type “ping www.website.com” in it.

2] The Result appears showing the IP address of the domain’ server.


Biodata of any website can be obtained easily and help anyone any different way. Some other blogger may find it as a motivation for blogging 

Questions like

  • Who is the author of this blog? Where can I find this Blog Author Name and detail to Contact?
  • Does Blog Contact us Help or can I found it without knowing the Author I search for them? What Hosting this Blog is Using?
  • Who is the Domain Provider of this Blog? Who owns this Site?
  • When does this Blog Start?

Are Perfectly Answered in the Article Read it or Soon you can Listen to this article and Get all your Doubt related the above can be solved.



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